Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Day of Challenge #1

So I never posted last week. I was at 200 even with 18.8 more miles logged. That was up two pounds from the week before. This week I am at 199 with 19.4miles logged. For a total of 106 miles and a 5 pound loss. I am happy with that. I got my period last week and had a cold on top of that so I did not work out on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or Monday. I finally worked out yesterday and I worked out this morning, finishing workout #12 on the wii more workouts and then I did a customized workout with squash and boxing. I got 30 for a rally in Squash. My best so far.
So after my workout this morning I took my shower and I noticed that my belly fat is smaller. Yeah. So even if I have only lost 5 pounds since we started this I have gotten healthier and I am seeing results. We all have our bad days and it is hard to make good choices with it being Christmas time but we are really trying. We usually make some different candies at this time of year and we decided we don't need it around so we aren't making them. We have done some Christmas cookies and will do more but we are doing exchanges and we brought our cookies to a family party last weekend so we would have help eating them. We are trying to remove temptation.
I got my bacon package last week. I have tried the bacconnaise once so far and thought it was good. We have tried the bacon salt on a few things and I had the bacon pop last night, bacon popcorn that is. It was good. I am so thankful for the sisterhood and the support I get. You ladies rock. I love to read the posts and see that others are having a hard time too or struggling just like me. I am so happy to have the wii challenge too because it makes me workout and be active.


  1. you totally rocked this challenge! :) great job.

  2. Great job! 5 pounds is awesome!

    Ummmm.... bacon package? Did I miss something?

  3. Five pounds is AMAZING. And your mileage? So great! Keep it up :)

  4. 5 pound loss and all that mileage logged?! I would say you are doing a FINE job on rockin' this challenge. Good work!!!!!

  5. 5 pounds loss is great! Keep up the good work! I agree with you the Sisterhood is the most awesome group of ladies! They are what keep me going most days!!