Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 35th Birthday to me!

Well today is my birthday and so far it has been okay. I weighed in and I am at 179.5, the same as last week which is just fine especially since I have my TOM, we had a stomach bug at our house last week, my two oldest had strep and my husband and I did out first 10K last Saturday. WOOT! So being at 179.5, means I have lost 24.5 pounds since November. Yippee!! I still have more to lose but it feels amazing to have lost that much. I just feel so much healthier. The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is having a Lands End giveaway this week for Swimsuits and I would love to win one. I have not bought a swimsuit in who knows how long and I really need a new one. Hope I win.
For my birthday I have the day off from work and my husband is home since it is Wednesday so we are going to Green Bay later for errands and because we have dentist appointments (me and the boys), how exciting. We will probably go out for lunch or supper, not sure where yet. Big decisions to be made.

Our first 10K went pretty well. We walked it. I did the 5K in 49:31 but right after that I had to go to the bathroom and I waited in line for almost 10 minutes to use the porta potty so I tried to catch up to my hubbie and friend, Jess but I never did. I finished in 1:46:25, with a pace of 17:08 per mile. I was really a little quicker than that but the stupid long line. Oh, well. I finished 13,779th out of 18,000 and some. I really pushed it at the end to catch up to them so I was really sore on Sunday but feel a lot better now. We have friends who did a tri a few weeks ago who really inspired my husband to want to do something like that so he found a dualathon he could do in October so now he is really considering doing that. We will see, I hope he does it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh In after Memorial Day 6/2/10

Well I am happy to say I am only up the same .5 pounds that I lost last week. At least it wasn't more than that. Honestly after traveling and having a few cookouts I am glad that was all it was. I did not do true confessions yesterday but I do have some to get off of my chest:
I drank a soda, first one since Easter and it wasn't that good.
I had ice cream, popsicles, gelato (yummy),more than once this weekend.
I did walk 3 miles on Sunday with my mom, hubbie and my 10 and 8 yr old walked it too while the 3 year old was in the stroller.
I did do some gardening.
I did get to hold and cuddle my new niece, Finley who is 8 weeks old.
I did sign up for a 10 K on June 12th, The Bellin Run in Green Bay, WI.

Okay so some good mixed in with the bad. We did have a great time visiting with my family from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening. We got home late and then Tom and the big two were in a small Memorial Day parade for Cub Scouts on Monday morning. Then we had lunch and I took the oldest two to see, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". It was good. Now reality started yesterday with daycare and school again. My kids last day of school is this Friday, the only have a half a day. Then we will see how I can find "me time" to get in my exercise.
I did walk 3 miles this morning too. I have drank my 64oz of water since Sunday. I watched Jillian's new show last night but I did not do the tworkout. I will be thinking of you ladies doing your half marathon this Sunday, a friend of mine is going to be in our area and she is doing a triatholon on Sunday and I think we are going to go and watch and cheer her and her hubbie on. Good luck to all.