Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Fling Challenge

So today is the beginning of a Team Challenge. I am on Team D. I weighed in this morning at 191.5, I am up 2 pounds from last week. Suck. It is my own fault. I have not had the best eating this week. Had a wrestling tournament on Sunday for the boys and ate Nachos with cheese with meat. Had milk with it. Saturday I went scrapbooking all day, yeah for me, but I ate frozen pizza for lunch. I made brownies to take with and ate those a few times over the weekend.
As far as working out I did okay. I did not get my workout in on Friday or Saturday but I did workout on Sunday and I finished my second 6 week challenge for the EA Sports Active. Yeah. So no the problem is I don't know what to do for a workout. I did the biggest loser for the Wii on Monday but it didn't have a workout scheduled for me and I didn't find/make the time to do one other than a 10 minute one. Yesterday I had a daycare kid come early and then the book fair at school for the kiddos so I did not workout then. Wednesdays are usually a rest day for me but since I have totally slacked this week, I am going to do the step aerobics on the EA Sports Active. I was kind of waiting to see what this challenge involved to know if there was going to be some kind of fitness challenge. I already have the 30 Day Shred. A friend recommended it in October and I did it a few times before we started the EA sports challenge. I am looking forward to doing it again for the whole 30 days.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday and SJ Olympics

Well I never blogged last week but I did weigh in at the Sisterhood. Last week I was at 191.5, which was a 4.5 pound loss from the week before and a total Rethink Your Shrink loss of 4.5. I have lost 12.5 pounds since Nov 4. Which is pretty sweet.

So this week I wasn't sure how weigh in was going to go because I haven't had the best eating this week but I have done a lot of exercising. I weighed in at 189.5, which is a 2 pound loss from last week. Yeah. I only have 2 more days until I finish my second 6 week challenge on the EA Sports Active. After that I think I am going to start the Biggest Loser for the Wii. I have also been competing in the Shrinking Jeans Olympics. I have done the 3minute hula hoop and the 3 mile walk. I did the push-ups and crunches and 1 mile dash (not really a dash at all, but I did it). I tried the jumping rope and yesterday I did my first Plank Hold. Today I am going to do the wall-sit. I am trying to do at least one thing a day. I have gotten completely out of my comfort zone with some of these but that is not a bad thing. Thanks.

I am so excited about the next challenge and that it will be in teams. That should be fun and a way to meet some new people.

I am really looking forward to spring which in WI will still be a few months but can't wait to get outside to walk and garden, etc. My 2 year old told us last night that we were going to mow the lawn today. We said well we can't because there is all that snow and ice on the grass. He told us it was going to go away and we could mow the lawn. It was pretty funny, even he is ready for Spring. Have a great week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seroogy's Valentine's Run/Walk-First 5K Ever

Well we did it. Our first 5K ever. We, my husband Tom and I, walked our first 5K. I ran here and there but only to catch up to my hubbie who has a much longer stride than me. Let me tell you it was cold out there today. We live in Wisconsin and it is February so obviously it has potential to be cold but it was cold. It was about 17 degrees at the start of the race but the sun was shining. The wind picked up for a while and then it was even worse. I had on yoga pants, jogging pants, two long sleeve shirts, a sweatshirt, my winter coat and headband, hood up and big winter gloves. Once I started to walk and we got out of the wind I actually got hot. It was fun.

I felt such a sense of accomplishment for doing it. I have to say we have talked about doing a walk before but never followed through with it. But because of joining the sisterhood and reading everyone else's blogs and hearing about all you do I knew I could do it too. I was tired by the time the 2 mile marker was passed but I kept on. I don't have my exact time yet but we finished in 51 minutes something. About a minute after us the people who were running the 15K (9 miles) finished. But it was still really cool to do it and I am proud. We are now talking of doing The Bellin Run in June and I have my mom convinced to do it too. I am not sure if I will run or walk it but we are going to do it. Thanks ladies. I am soo happy the day I found you all. Thanks Jess B. for telling me about them.

Here are some pictures from today. One of me from before we left this morning. One of the crowd before the race (there were at least 1500 people there, even kids who finished before us, like a 5 year old), one of me before the race and one of a sign with the temperature as we were walking.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

So I am up 2 pounds this week. So I am at 193. I am okay with that. I just got my period and was snacky yesterday and I have a nasty cold thing going as well. I did work out last Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I did the last chance tworkout last night while watching The Biggest Loser. It was very cool. My kids even did some of it with me. I drank 32 ounces of water while doing it. I think I might try to do it when I am watching tv at night. The only other show I try to watch every week is Grey's Anatomy and The Practice. I did not write a letter to myself for last weeks homework. I guess I am still thinking about it in my head.
I did not have the best eating choices over the weekend but I did try to. My boys had a wrestling tourney on Saturday so I had a hamburger and some nachos, but I had water and milk to drink. Then on Sunday we had our annual meeting at church so there was a potluck after church. I had some really yummy lasagna, 7 layer salad and 2 desserts. I had milk to drink. I even did an extra 10 minutes of step aerobics that morning to try and offset any extra eating for that day. Oh, well, I really think part of the gain is because I have my period. I have kept up with my exercising, if anything I have done more.
I think we are doing the Seroogy's 5K on Saturday morning. My hubbie said on Monday he wasn't sure as his knee was bothering him but now last night he said it was all better. So he is taking our forms in today to sign up. So even though it's only supposed to be 25 degrees out we are walking our first 5K. Hopefully the windchill will not be too bad. I'll let you know how it goes.