Tuesday, March 30, 2010

True Confessions (First Time)

So this is my first time confessing anything on True Confessions Tuesday! I confess that I lost my motivation to exercise last week and it stunk. I was doing the 30 day shred with the sisterhood and I had missed 7 days but was on day 5 of level 2 so I was half way done but I had a few days of not being able to fit it in like usual and then my hubbie and kids weren't doing it with me and I have to admit I was kind of sick of it. It is a great workout and I was seeing results & I want to finish the other 15 days but I stopped. So on Sunday we worked out with the wii and it had been 6 days without real exercise. Yesterday I gave myself permission to do something instead of the shred and I did 30 minutes of step aerobics with my new riser for the balance board. I felt it and could tell I hadn't done it in awhile. Then I did it again today. So I think I found my motivation again.
I also have to confess that I have been a total crab for about the last week. It is TOM so that was part of it but then my sister had her second little girl last Wednesday and she swallowed amniotic fluid on her way out and by Thursday she was in the NICU and is still there. She is doing much better and should be home by this Thursday or Friday but they will have to be very careful for awhile because she is going to be able to get sick from others quite easily. So that was stressing me out big time. But thankfully she is much better and all is good so I am not so cranky anymore.
My last confession is that I don't like the team challenge as much as I thought I would. I don't want to hurt anybody, etc but my team doesn't have the friendship and encouragement thing going like some of the other teams. I don't mind about the actual pounds lost but I am a little jealous of how well some of the other teams are motivating each other. So I guess my truly last confession is that I have been reading some of the other teams posts so I know what is going on with everyone still. =) Thanks for listening.


  1. first off - glad to her that your niece is doing better. my prayers for her and your sister as she continues to recover!

    as for the team thing - i'll just tell you my team sucked last time. not sure if our personalities didn't mesh or what, but it just wasn't there. so when they mentioned redoing the team challenge i wasn't all excited. but now i'm on a great team (doesn't hurt that we're in the lead).

    sometimes it happens, some times it doesn't. just be the best teammate you can be and hope for the best! (and feel free to read our thread - i'm on the weight loss warrior team!)

  2. Brooke- I appreciate the prayers, it has certainly made a big difference already so thanks to everyone that has been praying for them! I appreciate your honesty on your team experience the first time. It makes me feel better. I have been trying to be the best teammate I can and still encourage and try to get the involvement. I have been reading your thread and others too so I can stay in the loop! Thanks again.

  3. I'm glad your niece is doing better. My thoughts and love go out to your family while she recovers.

    I understand the team frustration. My first team we were really involved and talked all the time. This team we only communicate when its time to weigh in.

    I'm glad you were able to find your work out grove. I hope it stays around.