Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh In after Memorial Day 6/2/10

Well I am happy to say I am only up the same .5 pounds that I lost last week. At least it wasn't more than that. Honestly after traveling and having a few cookouts I am glad that was all it was. I did not do true confessions yesterday but I do have some to get off of my chest:
I drank a soda, first one since Easter and it wasn't that good.
I had ice cream, popsicles, gelato (yummy),more than once this weekend.
I did walk 3 miles on Sunday with my mom, hubbie and my 10 and 8 yr old walked it too while the 3 year old was in the stroller.
I did do some gardening.
I did get to hold and cuddle my new niece, Finley who is 8 weeks old.
I did sign up for a 10 K on June 12th, The Bellin Run in Green Bay, WI.

Okay so some good mixed in with the bad. We did have a great time visiting with my family from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening. We got home late and then Tom and the big two were in a small Memorial Day parade for Cub Scouts on Monday morning. Then we had lunch and I took the oldest two to see, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". It was good. Now reality started yesterday with daycare and school again. My kids last day of school is this Friday, the only have a half a day. Then we will see how I can find "me time" to get in my exercise.
I did walk 3 miles this morning too. I have drank my 64oz of water since Sunday. I watched Jillian's new show last night but I did not do the tworkout. I will be thinking of you ladies doing your half marathon this Sunday, a friend of mine is going to be in our area and she is doing a triatholon on Sunday and I think we are going to go and watch and cheer her and her hubbie on. Good luck to all.


  1. I forgot to say that when I finally lose this half a pound for good I will have lost 20 pounds since November and being part of the Sisterhood. So thanks for all of the encouragement and information and support. I love you ladies.