Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weigh In Thursday

Good morning. I didn't weigh in yesterday as I just never found the time. But I weighted in this morning and I have lost 6 pounds since last week. Yeah. I am at 198, I am below 200. I have lost a total of 6 pounds for the challenge. Yeah. I am soo happy. I really tried to make good choices with the holiday. I have really tried to stay away from soda and to make better snack choices. Yesterday we had dentist apts in the afternoon and after we went to the mall and did some shopping and ate at the mall. I got Rocky Rococo's pizza and split the breadsticks with the family. I haven't had them in sooo long. They weren't as good as I remembered, I wish I had gotten the subway sub I was going to get instead. thinking is really starting to change too. I also bought those skinny cow ice cream sandwiches that April talked about last week on the hood and they are pretty good. So I am down 6 and have logged another 20.2 miles since last week. I am off to workout before my first daycare family gets here.

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