Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday and SJ Olympics

Well I never blogged last week but I did weigh in at the Sisterhood. Last week I was at 191.5, which was a 4.5 pound loss from the week before and a total Rethink Your Shrink loss of 4.5. I have lost 12.5 pounds since Nov 4. Which is pretty sweet.

So this week I wasn't sure how weigh in was going to go because I haven't had the best eating this week but I have done a lot of exercising. I weighed in at 189.5, which is a 2 pound loss from last week. Yeah. I only have 2 more days until I finish my second 6 week challenge on the EA Sports Active. After that I think I am going to start the Biggest Loser for the Wii. I have also been competing in the Shrinking Jeans Olympics. I have done the 3minute hula hoop and the 3 mile walk. I did the push-ups and crunches and 1 mile dash (not really a dash at all, but I did it). I tried the jumping rope and yesterday I did my first Plank Hold. Today I am going to do the wall-sit. I am trying to do at least one thing a day. I have gotten completely out of my comfort zone with some of these but that is not a bad thing. Thanks.

I am so excited about the next challenge and that it will be in teams. That should be fun and a way to meet some new people.

I am really looking forward to spring which in WI will still be a few months but can't wait to get outside to walk and garden, etc. My 2 year old told us last night that we were going to mow the lawn today. We said well we can't because there is all that snow and ice on the grass. He told us it was going to go away and we could mow the lawn. It was pretty funny, even he is ready for Spring. Have a great week.


  1. a 2lb loss is fantastically awesome- good job! The team challenge will be lots of fun- glad to have you on board.

    Lisa @ Shrinking Jeans

  2. you're killing it on the weight loss!! :) and good for you - i think the whole point of the olympics is to mix it up a bit and make us step outside our comfort zone. good work!

  3. You're doing so awesome, Dawn! Keep it up! I seem to be slacking lately, but this new team challenge has me excited (as does the 30+ temperature today!)

  4. Woohoo! Great job on the loss!

  5. woohooo!!! YAY TO NEW DECADE!!!! stick with it girl, you're doing awesome!!!!