Monday, June 13, 2011

True Confessions 6/14/11

This is my second post in two days! I confess that a friend brought donuts over on Saturday after the race as a treat, not great but my kids loved them. So there was one lonely donut sitting on the counter and I cut it this morning to see what was in it, cream! It sat there all day till during naptime and I thought why not!? I took one bite and then I walked to the garbage and spit it out and threw the rest away. It didn't even taste good! Woot!
I confess that it is my birthday on Thursday and since my parents were here over the weekend we celebrated my birthday on Saturday. They got me a pie from the local restaurant, it was a Toffee Cream Pie and I had a piece and it was too sweet and I had a hard time finishing all of my piece.
I confess that I went to run this afternoon because I wanted to and I was unable to make it very far as I had pain. My left foot was hurting by my arch and I readjusted my shoe and socks and tried again and I could not run. I was disappointed that I couldn't run, I walked back home but now my foot hurts all the time. So I don't know what happened and if I should go to the doctor or what.
Thanks for listening to my confessions. They were good confessions to have, I think. I am glad I think of myself as a runner and am glad that I can make those good choices most of the time!


  1. Good job tossing that donut...that is a really big deal! Hope your foot feels better.

  2. hey dawn!
    hope your morning has been a good one...i already weighed-in for our first check-in at the sisterhood...can't believe that i am half a pound lighter than when i ended the "May Your Way Challenge"...especially, when i was a pound heavier
    i sure hope your foot is feeling much better by now...
    have a good day!!