Friday, January 8, 2010

Project "Me"

(Okay so this is the first time I have added photos to a blog. I wanted the photos flip flopped but, the top one is me this summer at the Zoo after my surgery. We have this picture with some others on our computer slideshow and looking at that belly was part of my aha moment. I never had a noticeable belly until after my breast reduction and they no longer overshadowed it. =) The second picture is of me with my family at my nieces baptism last February about a week before I fist met the surgeon. I know you can't really see how chesty I was but I didn't let pictures be taken of me that often and I always tried to hide somehow.)

So first lets say how awesome the Sisterhood is and how I love all the support and encouragement I get. Thanks Jess for telling me about the sisterhood. Second I finished the EA Sports Active 6 week challenge and I am so happy that I followed through and finished it. Yeah!! I have worked out every day this week since Sunday. I think I am going to take a break for a few days. Okay now for the homework.

What didn't work in 2009 or beyond?
Well how about the fact that exercise was not part of our routine. We( my husband and I) talked about it but didn't really do anything to change our habits. Our eating habits are not that bad. It is more of the lack of exercise. The biggest obstacle was finding/making time to do it. We both tried here and there but never at the same time. I think the difference this time is the sisterhood and the outside support and my husband and I are both working out and changing our eating habits.

My rock bottom moment?
Well I have always been a very large chested person. I always said that when we were done having kids I was going to go see a dr about a breast reduction. I don't think anyone really believed me, but once my husband had his "procedure" done and we knew we weren't having anymore kids I saw a dr to see what he thought. He told me I was one of the biggest chested women he had ever seen. Nice!!! So they took pictures, sent them to the insurance company for approval and it came back as approved because of being medically necessary. I had constant back pain, grooves in my shoulders from the weight of my breasts and bra straps. Now I asked if I lost weight first would that make me lose enough of my breasts and he said, "No" I was just too big. So I had the surgery the Wednesday before Easter in 2009. They took 6 pounds away. Yep, 6 pounds. I was like a 44K, now I am a 42 D. So my issue with trying to lose weight had always been my breasts and what was the point because even if I lost some weight you'd never notice because I was so big on top, etc. So it takes 6months to a year for everything to be normal after that surgery and it took awhile but I knew that once I had smaller breasts that I wanted/needed to work on the rest of me. So I don't know if it was actually just one moment or if it was more that it took me about 4 months to mentally get myself ready to make that commitment.
Bad Habits? Triggers?
Snacking and chocolate. Stress is a major trigger. How to solve? Try to resolve the stress so I don't want to eat and find a different release like exercise/blogging, etc.

Good habits
I gave up soda about 6 months ago and only have it occasionally. I take a water bottle with me everywhere. I try to bring healthy snacks with me if I think I will be hungry while out and about. Trying to get rid of the convenience foods and processed foods but that is much harder. Making little changes here and there like we switched to whole wheat tortillas from flour and we now add a can of black beans and corn to our taco meat to bulk it up. Now as long as I continue to exercise and find some new healthier meals that the kids will eat too we are headed in the right direction. I already did my goals for the challenge but I will add that we are talking about doing the Bellin Run in Green Bay, I think it is in June. They even have a kids run on the Friday and the adult and family on Saturday so it might be a family affair. Even if I just walk it this year or walk/run I want to do it.
One of the best benefits of exercising regularly is that my kids are doing it with me, even the 2 year old wanted to exercise with me the other night. He was so cute trying to do the stretches and exercises. Thank you Sisterhood for pointing me in the right direction.


  1. awesome that you have the whole family on board :) that goes a long way in keeping things on track.

  2. Way to go, Dawn! I'm so happy that Tom and the boys are doing it with you. I think that would make it so much easier to stick with it. :)

  3. Stress is a huge trigger for me when it comes to eating. I think it's great that you are making it a family effort. And welcome to the Sisterhood - we're thrilled to have you with us!

  4. You've had some life-changing events! I think making exercise a family affair is awesome. We always encourage our kids to be active, while we continue to be active. I never subscribed to the "do as I say, not as I do" philosophy as a kid, and I refuse to try to inflict it on my kids.

    I'm glad you found something you enjoy doing for exercise. Even if it's just a walk, getting out and doing something is so much better than doing nothing. The Sisterhood is awesome. They are full of support and love - even when you have a crappy week.

  5. Things are always a hundred percent better when you have a good support system like you have at home! It's awesome that your family is on board with all of your healthy changes! great job! We can do this, we all can!

  6. Its amazing how much our choices affect our kids! Its great to get your kids involved - you are doing a great job!